5 tips for luscious lips. These tips are perfect for thin or thick lips and help achieve not only a fuller look but help maintain the softness of your lips.

#1 Moisturise ALWAYS

Moisturising your lips is very important for luscious looking lips. When you moisturise regularly your looks won’t chap or break and it will make applying any lipstick look flawless, imagine having cracked lips and you’re wearing matte lipstick, that won’t look nice at all. For best moisture I recommend Papaw ointment.

This ointment is a multipurpose ointment, it’s moisturisers lips so quick you will never want to leave anywhere without it. I would even recommend you apply papaw before going to bed, you wake up with amazing lips, but only apply a little bit before bed.

You can also use coconut oil which is a very good natural option, works just as a good as the papaw.

#2 Lipstick before using lip liner over all your lips.

When it comes to lining and filling your lips with the same colour, it’s best to put a nude lipstick on before, it gives you an amazing effect making your liner run smoothly over your whole lips.

#3 Always use a lip peel.

One that I love is the Nutrimetics Lip Apeel.

This peel is incredible, you apply the peel to your lips let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then scrub off, taking away all the dead skin leaving your lips feeling soft as a baby’s bottom and plumped. Then you apply the nourisher. See demonstration below.

#4 Over line your lips for fuller pout.

Over lining your lips always gives a fuller effect, especially when you use a darker lip liner shade than your lipstick.

#5 Matte lips but don’t have a matter lipstick?!? You can do it yourself.

After applying your lipstick, to get a matte finish dab on some translucent powder with your finger. It makes you lips look luscious and gives you the matte finish you want also making your lipstick last longer.
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